breathing in a sentence

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  1. In addition, those with cervical 2 injuries require breathing assistance.
  2. The powder was so thick you couldn't hardly breathe.
  3. But the net effect was that the 49ers had breathing room.
  4. He's dancing high on his toes, breathing hard.
  5. Klingler didn't even have time to breathe ."
  6. It's difficult to find breathing in a sentence.
  7. Once this crisis passes, the Pentagon wants some breathing room.
  8. Some thought has been given to breathing, and to breezes.
  9. The Yankees were afraid to move, reluctant to even breathe.
  10. The object, after all, must have room to breathe.
  11. That gives Berlusconi some breathing space-- but not much.
  12. Excuse any of the Sonics for breathing a sigh of relief.
  13. Breathe deeply and savor air kissed by salt from the ocean.
  14. Breathed grumbled : " The old guys will never quit.
  15. I'm interested in a blanket-sized Breathe Right.
  16. Lakers coach Del Harris said he breathed a sigh of relief.
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