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  1. Crawford, receiving another pass from Burley, booted in the tie-breaking shot with 12 minutes left.
  2. But she swished the tie-breaking shot with 1 : 17 remaining, sending the be-goggled junior on a fist-pumping spree of ecstasy.
  3. It wasn't the game-breaking shot everyone always envisions when it comes to the Bulls, but that didn't matter to anyone in Chicago.
  4. Seven years ago, Stallard was happy to talk to the Globe about the day he gave up Maris's record-breaking shot in October 1961.
  5. Gill pointed out the defensive assignments he had missed on game-breaking shots by New York's Allan Houston and Seattle's Dale Ellis earlier this season.
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  7. Stiles hit the record-breaking shot from the left wing with 18 : 39 left in the game and a roar rose from the crowd.
  8. Yokohama's Takahiro Saeki hit his first two homers of the season _ a tie-breaking shot in the two-run sixth inning and a two-run homer in the ninth.
  9. Van Horn played a critical role in the Eastern Conference finals, hitting game-breaking shots in the final minutes in Games 5 and 6 against the Boston Celtics.
  10. With Malone heating up in the second half and the Lakers forced to double-team him, the Jazz swung the ball to the open Russell for continuous back-breaking shots.
  11. It was a back-breaking shot that left Cheaney underneath the basket, the ball palmed in his hand, glaring at Brown as he trotted off the court for a timeout.
  12. Rusedski unloaded a 230 kph ( 143 mph ) serve in the second set that matched his record-breaking shot at the U . S . Open two weeks ago.
  13. A record-tying six players took part in Sunday's playoff in Los Angeles, with Woods long gone from Riviera Country Club by the time the first tie-breaking shot was fired.
  14. A rematch of last May's championship game in which the Pumas edged Guadalajara on a series of tie-breaking shots was considered the key game of the league's final weekend.
  15. Feaster's fifth 3-pointer with 9 : 32 tied it at 57, and her record-breaking shot gave the Sting ( 9-7 ) the lead for good with 7 : 22 left.
  16. Substitute Yasuyuki Moriyama, taking a pass from Yugoslavia's Drajan Stojkovic, struck to tie the game 1-1 in the second half and five minutes later connected the tie-breaking shot at Nagoya.
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