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  1. Once again the rough breaking seas proved to thwart this rescue attempt.
  2. All but one of her approximately 240 passengers and crew perished in the breaking seas.
  3. Before dawn, a big breaking sea parted the life raft from " Napoleon Solo " and Callahan drifted away.
  4. On 25 October 1901, after leaving Suva, the mate, binnacle and compass were lost in'large breaking seas '.
  5. "When you're going into a 20-foot breaking sea right in front of you, well, that takes some fortitude ."
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  7. Infrequent winter service provided by underpowered steamships incapable of breaking sea ice ensured the survival of a passenger and mail service across Abegweit Passage using iceboats until a permanent ferry service was established in the 1910s.
  8. And at Coney Island, seven members of the " Polar Bears, " in bathing suits, waded into the surf, whooping against the humming wind and the hiss of the breaking seas.
  9. Unable to stay aboard " Napoleon Solo " as it filled with water and was overwhelmed by breaking seas, Callahan escaped into a six-person Avon inflatable life raft, measuring about six feet across.
  10. However, further offshore several breaking seas hit the lifeboat as the swell became larger and the wind increased to a severe gale force 9 . At one point, the lifeboat fell 10m from the crest of a wave.
  11. He is very interested in the detail in nature and declares that everything he draws or paints, whether a portrait head, flower, landscape, still life, or breaking sea wave, is, for him, a portrait.
  12. When it became evident that the ship could not control her steering and was being carried toward the frigate, the latter stopped her engines, as the speed was causing violent pitching and a smother of breaking seas, blotting everything from view.
  13. The boats are highly seaworthy, unsinkable type ( having 10 % reserve buoyancy even when filled with water ) and are able to sustain operation up to sea state 3 in open sea and also in breaking sea waves near the coast while in shallow water.
  14. They lost a day recently through a combination of light airs that followed a long day battling cold winds up to 50 knots, a prolonged session during which they dropped their mainsail altogether and dragged warps off the stern to control the vessel in 20-foot breaking seas.
  15. For the sailor, a great cape is both a very simple and an extremely complicated whole of rocks, currents, breaking seas and huge waves, fair winds and gales, joys and fears, fatigue, dreams, painful hands, empty stomachs, wonderful moments, and suffering at times ."

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