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  1. There are two general strategies employed in CRP to suppress chain breaking reactions and promote fast initiation relative to propagation.
  2. However, do to chain breaking reactions ( mainly Beta-Hydride elimination ) very few metallocene based polymerizations are known.
  3. A well controlled RDRP process requires : 1 ) the reversible deactivation process should be sufficiently fast; 2 ) the chain breaking reactions which cause the loss of chain end functionalities should be limited; 3 ) properly maintained radical concentration; 4 ) the initiator should have proper activity.
  4. A different type of ring breaking reaction can occur when LR is reacted with a metal compounds such as a platinum dichloride bis-phosphine complex, in this case one molecule of MeOC 6 H 4 P ( S ) Cl 2 is formed as a side product to the platinum complex ( [ Pt ( S 2 P ( S ) C 6 H 4 OMe ) ( PR 3 ) 2 ] ).
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