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  1. Pollsters are also predicting a record-breaking rate of abstentions.
  2. Grey said the record-breaking ratings " were far more than any of us expected ."
  3. Douglas uses the acronym VALUE, breaking ratings into six categories with five levels of each.
  4. She is already off in the distance, establishing a record-breaking rate, a faraway speck to many in the field.
  5. In March 2012, Doc McStuffins premiered on Disney Junior, breaking rating records for the most watched preschool premi鑢e ever.
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  7. This is by no means a record-breaking rate of profit growth, but it is at least in line with long-term trends.
  8. And commercial time during the final episode has been sold by NBC for record-breaking rates that exceed the prices charged for the Super Bowl.
  9. Romney enjoyed a large spending advantage from both his campaign and his aligned Super PAC, and after a record-breaking rate of negative ads from both sides, Romney won Florida on January 31, gaining 46 percent of the vote to Gingrich's 32 percent.
  10. I don't want people to think that just because I'm a nice guy that doesn't mean I'm not intense out there and that every position means a lot to me . " \ Nsubheds : NASCAR TV ratings boffo NASCAR's transformation from a cable sport to a network sport produced record-breaking ratings, almost to the point of bragging.

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