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  1. Walking home, she burns almost all of downtown Chamberlain by breaking power lines and exploding gas stations.
  2. Tram no . 24 up Eidsvolls gate could not handle the leaves, and started sliding backwards without breaking power.
  3. The path breaking power of L1 grammar is not dependent on the fact that both languages share similar grammatical features.
  4. In Finland the regions of Savo, were particularly affected, with the storm felling many trees and breaking power lines.
  5. Gov . George W . Bush, too, wasn't shy to use his lawmaking-or-breaking powers.
  6. It's difficult to find breaking power in a sentence.
  7. Backup goalie Peter Skudra made 32 saves and Daniel Sedin scored a tie-breaking power-play goal in the third period.
  8. Also not returning is Lawrence Phillips, whose skill as a game-breaking power runner was exceeded only by his off-field legal problems.
  9. This block-breaking power and other useful abilities leaves a use for such projectiles throughout the game, even when more powerful projectiles are obtained.
  10. In Massachusetts, ice accumulations reached three-fourths of an inch ( 2 cms ) in some areas, weighing down limbs and breaking power lines.
  11. Snow blanketed much of the Middle East on Saturday, freezing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, breaking power lines in Lebanon and putting the chill on Syrian demonstrators.
  12. But industry executives and technical experts say it is not beyond the code-breaking power of the supercomputers used by the National Security Agency and other intelligence organizations.
  13. "With the kind of winter we've started with, we can't rule out ice storms breaking power lines and leaving furnaces inoperative,"
  14. At times it flew only about 10 feet ( three meters ) above the ground, breaking power lines and causing at least three poles to fall, Fonnesbeck said.
  15. Some players removed the rubber eraser, forming the metal clamp into an edged point that was able to concentrate the cutting, sawing, and breaking power for each strike.
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