breaking in in a sentence

"breaking in" in Chinese  
  1. After breaking in and finding him Gaby explains the situation to him.
  2. Are there any conventions that I would be breaking in doing this?
  3. This infuriates her to the core and leaves him breaking in tears.
  4. But even with the restrictions, En Garde had little trouble breaking in.
  5. But Costa turned the match around by breaking in the eighth game.
  6. It's difficult to find breaking in in a sentence.
  7. Ulihrach won the next set, breaking in the first and seventh games.
  8. Capriati led throughout the second set after breaking in the opening game.
  9. Playing for the lowly Penguins meant breaking in younger players every night.
  10. He and Hallman were breaking in North, who has traditionally sailed solo.
  11. Generally breaking in at any level pretty much depends on prior experience,
  12. I thought ( breaking in ) was going to be easier.
  13. That reflects the difficulty of breaking in and operating in the Chinese market.
  14. And the Elf Locker Spell, to keep people from breaking in.
  15. Militia were also guarding the school to prevent other students from breaking in.
  16. Breaking in with Bunny, they remove the sought-after Frank at gunpoint.
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