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  1. The vessels send branches out in all directions to supply the retina.
  2. Now the label is starting to branch out beyond the city limits.
  3. We have closed 209 branches out of a total of 1, 985.
  4. These branch out in a systematic way, forming anastomoses with other vessels.
  5. Lindemulder attempted to branch out into mainstream films early in her career.
  6. It's difficult to find branch out in a sentence.
  7. Prajogo's Barito wants to branch out from its business of making plywood.
  8. Now you can branch out into every power tool you've ever wanted.
  9. Once started, they can branch out in any direction they wish.
  10. In addition, there are plans to branch out to other areas.
  11. But some wireless and long-distance companies are eager to branch out.
  12. Nerve is looking at all sorts of ways to branch out.
  13. Once your needs are met, you are actually more willing to branch out.
  14. The mayor threw an olive branch out there to come to the table.
  15. But increasingly, small-business owners are finding they have to branch out.
  16. The line branches out to different destinations in Denver and Boulder.
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