branch out in in a sentence

"branch out in" in Chinese  
  1. Once started, they can branch out in any direction they wish.
  2. The vessels send branches out in all directions to supply the retina.
  3. These branch out in a systematic way, forming anastomoses with other vessels.
  4. Hurwitz helped the Hope project branch out in Ecuador, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.
  5. The lake branches out in a forked pattern to accommodate the flow from storm drains.
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  7. The Nankai network branches out in a generally southern direction from Namba Station in Osaka.
  8. He branches out in Anti-Vandalism ( where the tools could be used ).
  9. After the station the line to Enschede railway station branches out in a south easterly direction.
  10. It poses and gesticulates as if it was human, splaying its branches out in every corner.
  11. As television started to become more prevalent, Meikle began to branch out in the late 1970s.
  12. The Centre's activities branch out in two main directions : MENA and non governmental organisations.
  13. In pursuance of this mission, the school started to branch out in the peripheral areas of Marikina.
  14. Plans to branch out in to battery recycling were mooted in early late 2000s, but were quickly dropped.
  15. With few unassailable choices, many names are mentioned, and the tree of floated notions branches out in unexpected directions.
  16. They have a core that branches out in regular intervals to form a small, spherical, and very dense nanocarrier.
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