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  1. At its height the Association had 60 branch organizations in 27 states.
  2. Delegates accepted a plan that will create branch organization worldwide that will defend Islam.
  3. Branch organizations were started in public libraries around the city.
  4. While Security expanded its branch organization, Giannini decided to name his entire organization The Bank of America.
  5. There are regional and branch organizations of the GAKC, including one in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.
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  7. The Dictionary Lady Foundation, which was incorporated in Savannah in 1997, now provides guidance to branch organizations.
  8. The exact structure of the Alliance military, such as its rank system and branch organization, is not described.
  9. The first is that the ACWF has many roles and branch organizations which may be obscuring the contribution it is making.
  10. The Hokubei has several Dojos in the US and Puerto Rico and has a branch organization in Canada named the Hokubei Canada Kenshi-kai.
  11. The unions of GFTUK are affiliated to the various branch organizations of WFTU . The head of the international department of GFTUK is Im Jong Gi.
  12. Hechaluz, which has existed since the 1920s, was Viennese branch organization of the Zionist umbrella organization, and served mainly as a transit station for Eastern European Jews.
  13. Also, the differing systems of government in the Arab countries forced the ANM branch organizations to adapt to local conditions, and it became increasingly difficult to find common ground.
  14. In 2003, IDA assumed responsibility for the Science and Technology Policy Institute, a separate FFRDC providing technical and analytic support to the Office of Science and Technology Policy and other executive branch organizations.
  15. A delegation of 40 members comprising with mostly the senior regional leaders, leaders of the branch organizations and dignified activists from each of 300 constituencies were invited to be part of the council.
  16. HAES was first registered in 1975 as a society ( non commercial ) and it is a branch organization of the Hellenic Technical ( Engineering ) Chambers ( ??????? ???????????? ??????? ) in Greece.
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