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  1. The last train ran on the Strafford Branch on March 23, 1956.
  2. It is Mexican tradition to place a broken branch on a grave.
  3. His daughter Wendy actually pointed out the mutated branch on the tree.
  4. One bank branch on Long Island had 13 of its windows smashed.
  5. Two years ago, Bank of America opened some Charlotte branches on Saturday.
  6. It's difficult to find branch on in a sentence.
  7. The Queensland National Bank opened the Irvinebank branch on 6 July 1905.
  8. Hundreds of people were seen rushing into Bank Exim's branches on Jl.
  9. Stunted branches on the east side give the trees a twisted appearance.
  10. By 1890 the QNB had 14 branches on the Queensland mining fields.
  11. No museum has been chosen to open a branch on the island.
  12. Among Ivy League schools, only Cornell allows all ROTC branches on campus.
  13. Thousands of customers lined up outside the bank's 28 branches on Tuesday.
  14. Regular passenger services ceased on the Garlieston branch on 1 March 1903.
  15. The subject is a trivial branch on an ill defined master topic.
  16. Q : There are two tree branches on the reverse of the dime.
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