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  1. Christiania has about 4, 000 employees and 160 branch offices in Norway.
  2. To contribute, ask for the Hortencia Rodriguez fund at any branch office.
  3. Turkey has an embassy in Almaty and a branch office in Astana.
  4. There was a branch office of Dean Witter Reynolds across the street.
  5. Nobody claims Latin American militaries have become branch offices of Amnesty International.
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  7. Its branch offices in Malaysia are located in Johor Baru and Penang.
  8. Shutting down branch offices may prove almost as much of a headache.
  9. Green Channel tour operator will open a branch office in Sylhet shortly.
  10. It would celebrate all of humankind instead of its many branch offices.
  11. Now, branch offices relay all information to the new customer care center.
  12. Three branch offices will report directly to the head office in Singapore.
  13. Until then, it was known as the Southwest branch office of Bozell.
  14. Robinson-Humphrey operates 25 branch offices in Georgia and other southeast states.
  15. In 1961 the Bank opened its first branch office in Darien.
  16. The branch office of the Multicar subsidiary is located in Waltershausen.
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