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  1. Dickson Wright now is assigned a Special Branch officer by Scotland Yard.
  2. The president and other executive branch officers are elected indirectly.
  3. Advisory branch Officers often work directly with the Army s most senior commanders.
  4. It was assisted by RUC Special Branch officers.
  5. Special Branch officers were called in after police searched him and established his correct identity.
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  7. British Special Investigations Branch officers sealed off the site and were combing the field for evidence.
  8. They then tracked down six security branch officers who worked in KwaZulu Natal at the time.
  9. Young therefore became the first executive branch officer of the RNVR to enter the submarine service.
  10. Fitzsimmons placed Weir under surveillance and assigned two Special Branch officers to " befriend him ".
  11. He is notable also as an Executive Branch officer born in a territory rather than a state.
  12. Crime Branch officers can be transferred to the law and order police, and also vice versa.
  13. ALS Operational Law branch Officers are also often attached to the operations of NATO and the UN.
  14. Police said special branch officers surrounded the house in Renvyle on Saturday and Pearse McCauley gave himself up.
  15. In addition, a small number of seaman branch officers read for undergraduate arts degrees at the college.
  16. Smiley chooses a trustworthy agent, Peter Guillam, and retired Special Branch officer Mendel to help him.
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