boy in a sentence

"boy" meaning  "boy" in Chinese  
  1. The ratio of girls to boys is probably one to four.
  2. The women all said that he reminded them of their boys.
  3. He felt himself to have been a feeble and loveless boy.
  4. The boys in the car dealership snickered at us for weeks.
  5. Later, DiSarcina gave the boys'parents an autographed bat.
  6. It's difficult to find boy in a sentence.
  7. It's not a boy's job ."
  8. The boy was convicted and got the maximum : three years.
  9. Heiple seemed confident that the boy would get over it quickly.
  10. Welcome the Pepless Boys of sportscasting slumber to the soccer mike!
  11. The Bell Boy, with Jerry Lewis, Aug . 17.
  12. I was no more of a whipping boy than anyone else.
  13. A boy of about 15 lay stretched out on his back.
  14. They are going to name their boy Mickey, after Mantle.
  15. As the story unfolds, a young boy enters the scene.
  16. The memories and emotions are not the little boy's.
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