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  1. Jake then heads to Greasy Steve and Meathook at a boxing ring.
  2. All are accomplished at turning a boxing ring into a prison cell.
  3. Any time you get in a boxing ring you endanger your health,
  4. In the boxing ring, " they are not a stock broker anymore.
  5. And his work in the boxing ring is nothing short of bravura.
  6. It's difficult to find boxing ring in a sentence.
  7. Douglas is happy about life in and out of the boxing ring.
  8. Raised in the blighted South Bronx, he escaped via the boxing ring.
  9. But Esch's transition into the professional boxing ring was anything but typical.
  10. Exactly where did he think he'd plop down his boxing ring?
  11. Thailand's first boxing ring was built in 1921 at Suan Kularp.
  12. But the only punches he throws are inside a boxing ring.
  13. The boxing ring is still his refuge and his only home.
  14. Yet, instinct led him into the boxing ring and away from the gangs.
  15. Barring Tyson for life from any boxing ring may be what it takes.
  16. A boxing ring is planned to be put inside the grandstand.
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