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  1. He was killed, and tissue samples showed that he had bovine tuberculosis.
  2. Bovine tuberculosis is caused by different bacteria from those that cause human tuberculosis.
  3. Discovered in 1990, buffalo bovine tuberculosis is an airborne bacterial disease.
  4. Ostertag's meat inspection act of 1900 greatly reduced incidences of bovine tuberculosis in human beings.
  5. In December 1998 an elk in Riding Mountain National Park tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.
  6. It's difficult to find bovine tuberculosis in a sentence.
  7. Holth was also noted for his work to eliminate the diseases bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis,
  8. A current issue is the control of bovine tuberculosis, which can also be carried by badgers.
  9. Proposed U . S . health standards for bovine tuberculosis could result in even fewer exports.
  10. This time, though, the culprit is bovine tuberculosis.
  11. There is a flashback to 1927 when Turing was in the bovine tuberculosis, leaving Turing scarred.
  12. Nearly two years ago, his 21 beef cows were destroyed after one tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.
  13. In 2007, Benn was a bovine tuberculosis.
  14. The presence of " F . hepatica " can interfere with the detection of bovine tuberculosis in cattle.
  15. Bovine tuberculosis was less common in cows in those days, and people just didn't worry about it ."
  16. He won the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1901 for the development of bovine tuberculosis.
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