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  1. Bottom feeders, they are taken with equal abundance from shore and trolling.
  2. "I'm tired of being, as they say, a ` bottom feeder, "'
  3. Many vertebrate bottom feeders may bury themselves, such as flatfish or stingray.
  4. These fish are active swimmers and, like many catfish, nocturnal bottom feeders.
  5. A very different hypothesis claims that " plesiosauromorphs " were bottom feeders.
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  7. Worse, the university has become what educators call a bottom feeder.
  8. He bought three pieces, including one called " Bottom Feeder ."
  9. The early MP3 release groups, 1996-1997, were considered " lamers ", bottom feeders.
  10. In many bottom feeders, a mechanism to deal with substrate is often necessary.
  11. "Otherwise ( we're ) relegated to bottom feeder, " he said.
  12. We were bottom feeders when I was coaching the Mets in 1982, 1983,
  13. Even the bottommost of the bottom feeders are minding their manners.
  14. "Public Eye " will not be a " bottom feeder, " he said.
  15. This is the lettuce I once heard called " a bottom feeder ."
  16. :For that matter, shellfish, catfish and any other type of " bottom feeder ".
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