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  1. Latitudinal and longitudinal I-beams supported by the bottom chords provide a deck frame.
  2. The bottom chords of the bridges range from to and the width averages.
  3. More than half the bridge's bottom chords were bent or twisted beyond repair.
  4. Square end joists are primarily intended for bottom chord bearing.
  5. The bottom chord of the trusses is a heavy tie beam supported on timber wall brackets.
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  7. Top and bottom chords are made up of circular hollow sections which forms a triangular shape.
  8. Some early German bridges included diagonal panel bracing in trusses with parallel top and bottom chords.
  9. This has caused the bottom chord to crack, and wood columns were added underneath the cracked portion.
  10. The trusses have horizontal and parallel top and bottom chords, apart with inclined posts at each end.
  11. Along each end of the bottom chord are support rails with rope eyelets for suspension of tarpaulins.
  12. The hall has a suspended coved ceiling of acoustic board exposing the bottom chords of the timber trusses.
  13. Its construction is somewhat unusual, with distinctively thicker bottom chords on the trusses, built out of twelve layers of planking.
  14. Two sets of heavy timber planks serve as the top and bottom chords, with a secondary lower chord at deck level.
  15. The bottom chord of the trusses are clad in fibrous plaster that sweeps down the walls and over iron supporting stanchions.
  16. The top and bottom chord of each panel had interlocking male and female lugs into which engineers could inset panel connecting pins.
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