bottle out in a sentence

"bottle out" meaning  "bottle out" in Chinese  
  1. So you have to get the old bleach bottle out again.
  2. He continued to pass bottles out the back door to Roy.
  3. Six weeks at the clinic got the bottle out of his hands.
  4. I would refute any suggestion that he just bottled out.
  5. Every two bottles out of five consumed in the world are imported.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle out in a sentence.
  7. He had dug the bottle out of thick mud.
  8. I brushed aside a vine and pulled the bottle out of the water.
  9. Oude Molen only bottles out of the bottom tier.
  10. I regularly find old plastic soda and water bottles out in the sand.
  11. Rimopasto is shown that the Depredators want to make bottles out of the Rinoplasticos.
  12. He took the cans and bottles out.
  13. And I spent many pleasant Sunday afternoons shooting at bottles out at the city dump.
  14. They pull the bottle out of your mouth on the way to the back yard.
  15. So you could toss the empty long-neck beer bottles out as you whizzed along?
  16. She then threw the empty makeup bottle out a window, which nearly hit Miss Brewster.
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