bottle openers in a sentence

"bottle openers" in Chinese  
  1. A penknife and bottle opener for Ford's sports utility vehicles.
  2. Nor does it mean a Homer Simpson talking bottle opener.
  3. A Bob and Doug McKenzie bottle opener was included in every DVD.
  4. Fluke joins a squad of spaceships ( bottle openers ).
  5. Go back 50 yards and shoot the bottle opener with a arrow.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle openers in a sentence.
  7. -- Corkscrew, bottle opener and can opener.
  8. Bottle opener with bone shaped into a horse's head : $ 3
  9. She held up an instrument that looked a little like a bottle opener.
  10. Before we get started, did anybody remember to bring a bottle opener?
  11. On Sunday, put away the corkscrew and get out your bottle opener.
  12. In 1966 he patented the Campagnolo self-centering wine-bottle opener.
  13. They now hawk everything from bizarre bottle openers to burgundy-colored beach blankets.
  14. _Large spoon, pancake turner, can / bottle openers, Swiss army knife
  15. Smiley went to a back-pocket bottle opener after her hands turned bloody.
  16. The upper crossguard is bent forward and can be used as a bottle opener.
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