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  1. In another case, he is accused of shooting a bottle off a man's head.
  2. Kenny Hamlin slapped a water bottle off a chair and made it a threesome.
  3. Those with competing sponsorships often toss those products and inflated bottles off their cars.
  4. At Adirondack Mountain Spirits in Ausable, the earthquake rattled liquor bottles off the shelves.
  5. France is banning cans, while Belgium is keeping both cans and bottles off the shelves.
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  7. _When pouring wine, keep the neck of the bottle off the lip of the glass.
  8. Dog pulls a bottle off from its left eight, and growls at teenage boy in anger.
  9. When the pears were ripe, Virginia would pull the bottle off the tree with the pears inside.
  10. It's been too long, " she said, 16 days after Coca-Cola started pulling bottles off the shelves.
  11. The quake rattled buildings in downtown Los Angeles, toppled bottles off shelves, and briefly halted rides at Disneyland.
  12. Grab the damn bottle off the shelf, count out so many pills, and give the damn thing to me.
  13. "If we take just one or two bad bottles off the street a month then we've accomplished a lot,"
  14. This convinces Xi that he has reached the edge of the world, and he throws the bottle off the cliff.
  15. Most restaurants typically encounter a request to take a partially consumed bottle off premises at most a couple of times a week.
  16. Gogan lifted the five-gallon water bottle off the locker-room cooler, took it into the shower room and poured it over his head.
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