bottle of water in a sentence

"bottle of water" in Chinese  
  1. I would say that women buy the sports bottles of water.
  2. Scavone collapses into a chair and grabs her bottle of water.
  3. The admittedly unprepared hiker carried only a small bottle of water.
  4. He said he drank a bottle of water between each inning.
  5. The wise traveler will take along a large bottle of water.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle of water in a sentence.
  7. Use plastic bottles of water to take up space if necessary.
  8. Vendors sold small bottles of water to drivers at stop lights.
  9. Some airline staff handed out free bottles of water to people.
  10. Moya went to the bench and sipped a bottle of water.
  11. Just suspend several colors of sand in a bottle of water.
  12. In 2013 the company produces 60million bottles of water a year.
  13. Some rubbed their eyes or took steady gulps from bottles of water.
  14. He was down to half a bottle of water and an apple.
  15. So maybe carry two bottles of water in that hand.
  16. Later, Phillips fidgeted with the cap on a bottle of water.
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