bottle of red wine in a sentence

  1. Francois Galland laments, staring at the bottle of red wine.
  2. Shoppers rest at a picnic table with a bottle of red wine.
  3. Mama Ayo could sell 120 bottles of red wine in two weeks.
  4. Place opened bottles of red wine on the table.
  5. The designer likes to compare her style to a good bottle of red wine.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle of red wine in a sentence.
  7. You open a bottle of red wine.
  8. Want a bottle of red wine that's full-bodied and incredibly complex?
  9. They were last reported to be cooking spaghetti and cracking into a bottle of red wine.
  10. He takes out his sword and begins wildly destroying Mendo's bottles of red wine.
  11. The bottle of red wine at his side, full three hours ago, now stands empty.
  12. He advocated a regimen of a daily consumption of a half bottle of red wine with food.
  13. Decanting a bottle of red wine, Andrea Immer swills, sniffs and sips from a glass.
  14. He had left a bottle of red wine and a card on my spot in the dressing room.
  15. Order a bottle of red wine and the ribeye, and try not to scoff at the salad bar.
  16. For gift-giving, attach mulling spices wrapped in cheesecloth to a bottle of red wine . 1bottle red wine
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