bottle of milk in a sentence

"bottle of milk" in Chinese  
  1. In his room, police found a half-filled bottle of milk and an apple.
  2. Newman then uses four different bottles of milk when consuming the muffin stumps.
  3. Later, Luke stayed with Dan and accidentally knocked over a bottle of milk.
  4. At the house, Nate goes to make a bottle of milk for Jack.
  5. Finally he brings a bottle of milk and pours it in after the brandy.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle of milk in a sentence.
  7. Add a bottle of milk or 100 percent fruit juice.
  8. They gave us candies and a bottle of milk today.
  9. Or because dairy farmers do not bring bottles of milk round to our houses anymore?
  10. When he was given the ceremonial bottle of milk to drink, Cheever seemed almost overwhelmed.
  11. I keep thinking about that half-bottle of milk.
  12. He was back at night with a basket with bread, cheese and a bottle of milk.
  13. Erik had apparently stolen a bottle of milk from Henry, though Erik has no memory of this.
  14. The cream Dad pulled from the top of the bottle of milk and whipped for the pie.
  15. The baby was well-wrapped in a blanket, placed with a bottle of milk in a wicker carriage.
  16. Baby sheep and pigs climb all over each other to get to a warm bottle of milk.
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