bottle of beer in a sentence

"bottle of beer" in Chinese  
  1. The waiter found a bottle of beer and one of water.
  2. Gregg advised a bottle of beer to drive home the flavor.
  3. Add the first bottle of beer and reduce liquid by half.
  4. Add the remaining bottle of beer and simmer for 10 minutes.
  5. One was wearing a sombrero and swigging a bottle of beer.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle of beer in a sentence.
  7. Most of them can no longer afford a bottle of beer.
  8. Bottles of beer are everywhere, their caps rotted away long ago.
  9. One thousand cans and bottles of beer were confiscated, Foley said.
  10. 2 ( 12-ounce ) cans or bottles of beer
  11. Nothing goes with the Super Bowl like a cold bottle of beer.
  12. One was wearing a Mexican sombrero and swigging a bottle of beer.
  13. Two fried eggs and a bottle of beer . " 
  14. So they decided alcohol content cannot be listed on a bottle of beer.
  15. The association has 150 members, who collect limited edition bottles of beer.
  16. Khoury's brewery produces 6, 000 bottles of beer a week.
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