bottle closure in a sentence

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  1. This revolution in wine bottle closures is just getting under way.
  2. Synthetic wine bottle closures may allow for a controlled oxygen transfer rate which affects the sensory characteristics.
  3. The company also manufactures low-density polyethylene for injection molding for cosmetic containers, bottle closures, and food containers.
  4. We've received a number of letters and emails commenting on an item published here recently about alternative wine bottle closures.
  5. The debate over wine bottle closures has heated up in recent years as more and more consumers found fault with natural cork.
  6. It's difficult to find bottle closure in a sentence.
  7. "' UBIS ( Asia ) Public Company Limited "'( UBIS ) is a manufacturer and distributor of sealing compounds, lacquers and coatings used in can production and bottle closure for the food, beverage and general industries based in Thailand.

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