bottle capping in a sentence

"bottle capping" in Chinese  
  1. There is a film of mould over the bottle cap .
  2. The bottle cap popped off and he got an eyeful of beer
  3. The bottle cap popped off and he got an eyeful of seltzer .
  4. What ' s with the bottle cap ? - what
  5. Pasteurized cooler bottle cap disinfecting
  6. It's difficult to find bottle capping in a sentence.
  7. The manufacturing process for core thread of bottle cap injection mould
  8. Glass infusion bottle capping machine
  9. Fix the teat and bottle cap before mixing the formula in a bottle
  10. Please screw the bottle cap tight and keep it in dry and cool places
  11. Bottle cap mold
  12. Bottle cap opener
  13. Shaft knife , comb , case , toothbrush , coaster , table pad , bottle cap , bag base
  14. Koufugutiyaoyong dimidujuyixi fangchaozuhepinggai ldpe bottle caps with drying agent for oral solid preparation
  15. The junk ranged from bottle caps and ring - pulls to broken glass and pvc pipe fragments
  16. After the bath , takes this 1 3 bottle caps with the bottle cap dilutes in approximately the 3kg clear water , then flushes the whole body with this dilution
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