bottle cap in a sentence

"bottle cap" in Chinese  
  1. Politicians like Lieberman, earnest and clueless, are bailing with a pop-bottle cap.
  2. Doors are made from baby cribs, walls from bricks and bottle caps.
  3. Lecture halls are buzzing, frat houses are jumping, bottle caps are popping.
  4. Dominican children emulated El Jefe by constructing toy medals from bottle caps.
  5. What if they just want to order plastic bottle caps from us?
  6. It's difficult to find bottle cap in a sentence.
  7. Or was he more like a kid with a bottle cap collection?
  8. A foundry was built later to make steel for bottle caps.
  9. Reagent bottle caps are commonly said to be " autoclavable ".
  10. About five minutes later, they came back and asked for the bottle caps.
  11. In his hands is the ring from a plastic bottle cap.
  12. The album was originally available for 50?and two bottle caps.
  13. The Hawaiian game started with milk bottle caps during the Depression.
  14. That's a lot of soda cans and peanut butter jars and bottle caps.
  15. Tougher questions prompt him to fidget with a nearby bottle cap.
  16. He also loves to collect rare bottle caps as part of his hobbies.
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