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  1. The book is a wealth of little-known Daytona trivia.
  2. Densely theoretical, the book is not your usual summer reading.
  3. So I scanned the press material that came with the book.
  4. In his book, " Calling the Shots,"
  5. This book can overload the reader with medical terms and information.
  6. It's difficult to find book in a sentence.
  7. But the new genre of children's books is different.
  8. In his 1974 book " Carrying the Fire,"
  9. He used his own collection of comic books for his inventory.
  10. The movie was all right, but the book was better.
  11. Flight instruction is listed in the telephone book under aircraft schools.
  12. -- Help your child find books that are completely absorbing.
  13. Yolen has written more than 130 books for kids and adults.
  14. Several other very special books about children and older people are:
  15. Quite frankly, they could read a book in that time.
  16. He has been author or co-author of six books.
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