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  1. Wright's resignation on the book charge was a plea bargain.
  2. He wrote a book charging that the judiciary was " in the stranglehold " of the executive.
  3. Two books charging a liberal lean have been cavorting on the New York Times Best Seller list for weeks.
  4. He doesn't deny what the book charges but instead says that on the whole it is accurate.
  5. The company's accuracy and commissions that sports books charge for bets make sports gambling a losing proposition for most.
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  7. The company also reported a plunge in its fiscal first-quarter earnings today as it books charges for the government settlement.
  8. But He's book charged that the theory is really just an attempt to consolidate the power of the ruling elite.
  9. Academia is still abuzz over a new book charging that a measles vaccine killed hundreds of primitive Amazon Indians three decades ago.
  10. The book charged that she had sponsored a re-election committee for Benjamin J . Davis, a Communist councilman in New York.
  11. The book charges that " politicized " classes and student activities have led to an ironic intolerance on campus _ intolerance of all things Western.
  12. The book charged that anthropologists had repeatedly caused harm and in some cases, death to members of the Yanomami people whom they had studied in the 1960s.
  13. The maximum prison time for the racketeering charge alone is 20 y'ars, while the falsifying of corporate books charge has a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.
  14. Florence's astrologer peddled her revelations to magazines, her destruction of presidential papers made headlines and a 1930 book charged that she had conspired with the family doctor to kill the president.
  15. In fact, the book charges, " Chiang was not even a good soldier . . . His performance on the battlefield was nothing but clumsy and second-rate ."
  16. Such demographics hardly seemed significant during a recent hike on the Camp Smith Trail, as Daniels and six other contributors to the new book charged up a stairway of million-year-old granite.
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