book censorship in a sentence

  1. The modern concept of intellectual freedom developed out of an opposition to book censorship.
  2. Book censorship, PFAW says, remains " the most common weapon of opponents of public education ."
  3. At the same time as the Marshall case was unfolding, allegations surfaced of book censorship at the Victoria Public Library.
  4. Book censorship proved to have a strong influence in Portuguese cultural evolution, serving to keep the country in ignorance and cultural backwardness.
  5. As part of Peter's ecclesiastical reforms, he introduced legislative changes that limited the power of the church in the field of book censorship.
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  7. She thinks that celebrating book banning week conflates issues of book censorship in a public library versus a school library were actual cases of censorship are rather minimal.
  8. They have produced multimedia content that explains the amendments to the Press and Publications law, in addition to two materials explaining book censorship, here and here.
  9. The activities of the Inquisition extended to book censorship, repression and trial for divination, witchcraft and bigamy, as well as the prosecution of sexual crimes, especially sodomy.
  10. And fortunately, the publishing house, Facts On File, Inc ., has provided a sweeping yet in-depth look at the history of book censorship around the world.
  11. In 1937, Keeney, although tenured, was summarily terminated after questioning book censorship by a local politician and supporting a proposal to revive a local chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.
  12. Set in Perth, Western Australia, during the Great Depression, it was the first novel to be banned by the-then Commonwealth Book Censorship Board and the first to be prosecuted by police in Australia.
  13. After a period of experimentation, in 1786 the Austrian government appointed an ecclesiastical commission, including Bovara, who took charge of reforming the universities, gymnasiums, book censorship, nuns, policing the secular clergy, the churches in the diocese and in Como and the academies of Milan and Mantua.
  14. After completing her studies, she became an active member of the war, from 1942 to 1944, she worked for the Vichy government in an office that allocated paper quotas to publishers ( in the process operating a de facto book censorship system ), but she was also a member of the French Resistance.
  15. However, historians also argue that Pombal s " enlightenment, " while far-reaching, was primarily a mechanism for enhancing autocracy at the expense of individual liberty and especially an apparatus for crushing opposition, suppressing criticism, and furthering colonial economic exploitation as well as intensifying book censorship and consolidating personal control and profit.
  16. In the Holy Roman Empire book censorship, which preceded publication of the " Index ", came under control of the Jesuits at the end of the 16th century, but had little effect, since the German princes within the empire set up their own systems . and the Church's " Index " was not recognized.
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