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  1. Only a few book cases are knocked over.
  2. This setup contained classrooms that had movable walls and / or book cases separating them.
  3. In house next door, Willardson found dozens of book cases with hundreds of paper files.
  4. What is the best wood use to build some quality built-in book cases in my basement?
  5. At the north end is a central black marble fireplace with surrounding high timber mantle with central mirror and flanking book cases.
  6. It's difficult to find book cases in a sentence.
  7. He said the inside of the building was heavily damaged and littered with shattered glass, broken doors, hinges and toppled book cases.
  8. They lugged teddy bears, Snoop Doggy Dogg posters, bicycles, ice skates, book cases, a surf board and, of course, stereos.
  9. His books are still there, though the decorators, Sandler-Dick Associates of Newton, have taken off the glass doors of the book cases.
  10. The bottomless question was : " What is the best wood use to build some quality built-in book cases in my basement ?"
  11. He sat alone with the host on a round black stage, surrounded by a circle of towering empty book cases and three massive walls of television screens.
  12. There are book cases in the south and east corner of the room with prayer beads, wooden stands and a clock for prayer time on the southern wall.
  13. The building currently houses the Government and Law department, giving students access to the Kirby library, with its twenty-foot ceilings and oak-paneled book cases.
  14. This high level of customer service of being able to book cases on short notice is one reason ambulatory surgery centers typically have lower OR utilization than big city hospitals.
  15. Typically, the greater the " operating room utilization ", the less the convenience ( able to book cases when desired ) as defined by surgeons and patients.
  16. He made alterations, including a fixed stage for rehearsal and a fixed desk at which he wrote, and added interior paneling, wrought ironwork, a staircase and book cases.
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