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  1. The Penguin Books case was the last at which Byrne presided.
  2. This incident brought them fear that the officials would book case on them and jailed.
  3. Neutral pictures showed such things as a fireplug, a book case or an ordinary landscape.
  4. This was a text-book case for a march-in,
  5. Then she and Don bought an antique glass book case and she put them in there.
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  7. The pine pews and silky oak prayer book case were made by the Jondaryan station carpenter.
  8. Works from his cat collection include Frederick the Literate, a mackerel tabby asleep on a book case.
  9. Critics of the settlement called the settlement a text-book case of why strict legal rules are needed.
  10. Critics of the settlement, though, called the settlement a text-book case of why strict legal rules are needed.
  11. This was a photographic reprint of the 11th edition, and was often sold with an accompanying book case.
  12. When closed, the secretary desk looks like a cross between a commode-dresser, a slant top desk and a book case.
  13. The sampling of metal bolts, screws and plates looked like an assembly kit that comes with a book case or a desk.
  14. Here he makes use of his Beta 5 computer, which has a circular view screen and is hidden behind a book case.
  15. With the Internet, or even by walking 10 steps to the book case, you can become more intelligent in a matter of minutes.
  16. In 2012, DeMille published an eBook-exclusive short story entitled " The Book Case, " which is set during Corey's days as a homicide detective.
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