book cart in a sentence

  1. She ran a book cart program so that patients confined to their beds still had access to reading material.
  2. Each day I'd pick up two or three books from the book carts I was shelving to take home and read.
  3. Since 2004 the " Library Book Cart Drill Team Championship " has taken place during the annual conference of the American Library Association.
  4. A "'book cart drill team "'refers to a group of library esprit de corps and / or precision of movement.
  5. Coyle said in an interview this week that after he talked to prison officials here, McVeigh has been allowed to order magazines and borrow books from the book cart.
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  7. The Strand is a family-owned business with more than 200 employees . & ndash; and Tom Verlaine, who was fond of the discount book carts sitting outside the store,
  8. The NYPL also installed a $ 2.6 million book delivery system, using a conveyor belt and 24 book carts that could each carry up to 30 pounds through the library's 11 levels.

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