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  1. Wikipedia cannot continue with roving squads of enforcers nosing about looking for boojums behind every edit.
  2. The Bellman warns them that some Snarks are highly dangerous Boojums, causing the Baker to faint.
  3. On every visit to Boyce Thompson, I make a pilgrimage to see the two 40-foot boojums.
  4. In addition to introducing Aleph numbers the authors cite Lewis Carrol s " The Hunting of the Snark ", where instructions are given to avoid boojums when snark hunting.
  5. The plural of the term is " boojums ", a word initially disliked by Mermin ( who at first used " booja " ) but one which is defined unambiguously by Carroll in his poem.
  6. It's difficult to find boojums in a sentence.
  7. In the " Star Trek II " novelization, one of the characters discusses a computer game he has written, named " Boojum Hunt . " In " Barbary ", a character refers to a computer game named " Snarks and Boojums . " Both are references to Lewis Carroll's poem " The Hunting of the Snark ".
  8. In that sort of context, I don't see why it would necessarily be original research, but anyone using such material would have to cite and attribute its conclusions ( " reading the Bible makes you more violent " according to Foo's research, or " reading all the violence in the Bible is cathartic and makes you less violent " according to Snark's article in " Psychological Boojums " ), rather than drawing inferences of their own from it.

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