booji in a sentence

  1. The name Booji Boy comes from the character created by Devo.
  2. This mix features a new vocal track by Booji Boy.
  3. Played by Mark Mothersbaugh, Booji is considered the infantile spirit of Devolution.
  4. Booji Boy has been featured in the band's visual imagery throughout their career.
  5. The film ends with a scene of Booji Boy being stabbed and his mask removed.
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  7. Booji Boy has traits of a simian child and typically wears an orange nuclear protection suit.
  8. Their first two music videos, " theatrical characters, such as Booji Boy and the Chinaman.
  9. All the band members wear clear face masks, except for Mark Mothersbaugh, who appears in his Booji Boy mask.
  10. Their most famous performance was with Mark Mothersbaugh as Booji Boy singing the DEVO song " U Got Me Bugged ".
  11. The " Jocko Homo " segment begins with Booji Boy running through a parking lot off of Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls.
  12. The Booji Boy Records single version contains both the " O-Hi-O ! " and the " God made man " bridge.
  13. The booklet of the game claims that the Boys'true last name was Rothwell and that Booji Boy's true name was Craig Allen Rothwell.
  14. He had kept a supply of Booji Boy masks for several years, but due to improper storage, many of them ended up ruined from dry rot.
  15. It seems to originate from the 1979 Devo film,'The Men Who Make the Music', where it is used by the character Booji Boy.
  16. The single was played on the Dr . Demento Show by special guest DJ Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo ( in character as Booji Boy ) on 19 October 1980.
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