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  1. In 1905, a new Booie State School was erected.
  2. Booie State School closed in 1963.
  3. The area around Nanango was first settled by Europeans in 1847 by John Borthwick and William Oliver from Booie, Broadwater and Nanango.
  4. In June 1954, Booie hit the news after local boys claimed to have seen a two-legged monster in a cave.
  5. In 1903, the year that the Shire of Nanango was formed, the Booie had begun carting their cream to Wondai earlier that year.
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  7. The Booie Range, home to several wineries and cellar doors, lies immediately north-east of the town and the Bunya Mountains about to the south-west.
  8. Earlier settlements such as Booie ( 1882 ), Taabinga Village ( 1892 ) and Coolabunia ( 1879 ) could not compete with Kingaroy's proximity to the railway.

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