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  1. Don't drink and think you can operate a boat.
  2. And most charter boats have geared their business to salmon fishermen.
  3. He took his first trip aboard a sport boat in 1948.
  4. Up ahead, the race committee mark boat sat on anchor.
  5. Basin was named because a boat-turning basin was nearby.
  6. It's difficult to find boat in a sentence.
  7. It looks like a trimaran, a boat with three hulls.
  8. The boat planes easily and carries a generous amount of sail.
  9. The driver of that boat was charged with boating while intoxicated.
  10. We have no special need to keep a boat from leaving,
  11. Residents must show their town beach cards to buy boat tickets.
  12. But then they seemed relieved to be taken off the boat.
  13. Stands to reason we'll get a boat ."
  14. We got onto another boat, and watched her go down,
  15. The rating is divided into the boat's finish time.
  16. Those boats were originally designed to last 10 years down south,
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