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  1. The shark was finally driven away by a sailor with a boat hook.
  2. National Archives : 139 . " First flag on Guam on boat hook mast.
  3. A small crowd gathered, some armed with boat hooks.
  4. According to another sailor, LoPresti improvised a weapon by lashing a sheath knife to a boat hook.
  5. Codispoti pushed the closest one away with a boat hook as larger chunks drifted toward the line.
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  7. Obverse : Instead of swimmers the central part consists of a crossed boat hook and oar forming quadrants.
  8. While filming his death scene, Harrison Ford hit him with a boat hook, giving him a permanent scar.
  9. In Royal Navy, during ceremonial occasions the Ceremonial Boat Hook Drill must be performed during berthing and unberthing.
  10. Using a 10-foot-long tool called a " boat hook ", Newman tugged free a guidance antenna on the Russian module.
  11. The boat hooks refer to boatmen on the Rhine, but it is unknown what the stars are meant to stand for.
  12. Soldiers patrolled the water in boats, armed with boat hooks, spears, lances and axes, pushing down anyone who managed to surface alive.
  13. "Gaffe " is of French origin, originally a'boat hook'as in'gaff rig'where the relation is apparent, but the sense association to a blundering remark is obscure.
  14. Ross poked at the antenna, which was coiled like a tape measure, more than a dozen times with the boat hook before it sprung free.
  15. A flag on a boat hook protruding through a ventilator which had been left open was used to indicate that the signal had been heard.
  16. They reached the ice pack but were able to work their way through it by pushing bits of berg out of the way with a boat hook.
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