boat haven in a sentence

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  1. "But the shrimp boats haven't even been out for two months,"
  2. She now occupies a special enclosure outside the Unst boat haven.
  3. "My three boats haven't kept any sharks, big or small, for the past four years,"
  4. She is the Margaret, built pre . 1900, on display in the Unst Boat Haven.
  5. The boats haven't raced since Saturday.
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  7. The ship then supported the recent marine deployment to Da Nang by serving as a boat haven in that city's harbor.
  8. The Segelboothafen ( sail boat haven / harbour ) site is located along the lake shore at the foot of the old town's hill.
  9. "Whetstone " returned to the waters of Vietnam, dropping anchor at Qui Nh?n to start two months as " boat haven " in support of the U . S . Army's Qui Nh?n Support Command.
  10. Either side of Red Bluff are many popular beaches and seaside destinations, including breakwater was constructed and in 1926 the hull of the colonial naval vessel HMVS Cerberus was added to further protect the boat haven.
  11. Architect Victor Steinbrueck, writing in 1962, objected to the " naked brutality of unimaginative structures such as this proposed crossing of Portage Bay, which eliminates fifty houseboats while casting its shadow and noise across this tranquil boat haven ."
  12. After offloading at Hu?, the dock landing ship shifted to Da Nang, where she soon commenced what was to become a six-week tour of duty as " boat haven " for Naval Support Activities ( NavSuppAct ), Da Nang, arriving on the last day of the month of March.

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