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  1. Even still, the Bermuda sloop became a highly popular boat form.
  2. Five missile boats form Croatian fleet's main offensive capability.
  3. The accident, aftermath and boat form the metaphorical journey to recovery detailed in his book.
  4. The mountain, the sea, the city and the hundreds of boats form a striking backdrop for the site.
  5. Hence, if forced into the higher energy boat form, these methyl groups are in steric contact, repel one another, and drive the equilibrium toward the chair conformation.
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  7. This particular kovsh, from the early 1900s, has the traditional boat form with a squat body, a raised " prow " and a hooklike " rudder, " which is actually its handle.
  8. Boat forms IRL team Former Indy 500 pole-winner Billy Boat will contest the full 15-race Indy Racing League season as driver / owner of the new Curb / Agajanian / Boat Indy Racing team.
  9. The recurrent motifs that surface in the Badjao mat are in the form of stylized crab design, a series of wave-like or boat forms, patterns created by moving water, and some other marine life forms.
  10. Some authors have argued that the reason why the pop pop boat works is that the water being propelled out the back of the boat forms a narrow jet, while the water being drawn back in on the second half of the cycle is drawn in from all directions.

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