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  1. The nonplanar pyranose rings can assume either chair ( in 2 variants ) or boat conformation.
  2. Significantly more intense interactions develop when the methyl group is placed in the axial position at other sites in the boat-chair-boat conformation.
  3. For example, cyclohexane can exist in a variety of different conformations including a chair conformation and a boat conformation, but, for cyclohexane itself, these can never be separated.
  4. As a result, the twist-boat conformation is more stable by 0.47 kcal / mol ( 1.96 kJ / mol ) at 125 K as measured by NMR spectroscopy.
  5. The boat conformation represents the energy maximum on a conformational itinerary between the two equivalent chair forms; however, it does not represent the transition state for this process, because there are lower-energy pathways.
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  7. Cis-1, 4-di-tert-butylcyclohexane has an axial tert-butyl group in the chair conformation and conversion to the twist-boat conformation places both groups in more favorable equatorial positions.
  8. They comprise two ideal " chair conformations ", where the carbons alternately lie above and below the mean ring plane; and six ideal " boat conformations ", where two opposite carbons lie above the mean plane, and the other four lie below it.

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