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  1. Boats call Marina Grande, from where a funicular goes up to Capri town.
  2. Excursion boats call at its landing stage.
  3. Boats call at San Rocco landing stage in Caprino village and at Cantine di Caprino.
  4. It has no airstrip, and a passenger boat calls irregularly only once every few months.
  5. Conner's crew did not follow it up with a boat-to-boat call.
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  7. Bananas make up 70 percent of total exports and cargo boats call in weekly to take them to the United Kingdom and Europe.
  8. The mail boat calls at Canouan, Mayreau and Union islands although boarding at Mayreau can be difficult, as the vessel remains in deeper waters, with passengers being required to embark and leave through the use of smaller craft, which land on the nearby beach.
  9. The Spalts and their six corporations now face a lengthy list of charges, including 27 counts of filing false reports about their catch; 49 counts of buying or selling illegal groundfish or scallops; 25 counts of breaking the requirement that boats call in to NOAA when they start and when they stop fishing; four counts of fishing more days than the legal limit; and 67 counts of selling scallops to unpermitted dealers.

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