boat burial in a sentence

  1. Boat burial is a practice dating to ancient Vikings and Egyptian Pharaohs.
  2. On further investigation it was realised that it was a boat burial.
  3. Because hollowed trunks suggest dugout boats, such burials are sometimes described as "'boat burials " '.
  4. It was so named because it was found in a boat burial mound on Rolvs鴜 which was a part of Tune at that time.
  5. "The rarity of royal boat burials suggests that kings'burials might have more often included boat models, magically empowered substitutes for the real thing,"
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  7. The iconic Lewis chessmen are the best known treasure trove and numerous finds of grave goods including brooches and weaponry such as the Scar boat burial are well-documented.
  8. The "'Port an Eilean Mh騣r ship burial "'is a Viking boat burial site in Ardnamurchan, Scotland, the most westerly point on the island of Great Britain.
  9. The discovery of a handful of ancient iron nails, a belt buckle and some silver coins in northeast England has sent a thrill through the world of Viking scholarship, hinting strongly that a Norse boat burial site may lie beneath the Yorkshire soil.
  10. From 1986 through to 1988, the excavation team dug up a total of an area that was 17 ?20 metres in the field believed to be adjacent to the original ship burial, producing 17 cremation and 21 inhumation burials, one of which was the smaller boat burial.
  11. In Yanjinggou Developing Zone of Chengdu such a " boat burial " in a hollowed-out treetrunk found in 2006 was dated to the Warring States Era ( 475 221 BCE ); it contained copper objects, bronze weapons, pottery and lacquer wares, seeds and peach pits.
  12. "We may have the opportunity now to find and date, once and for all, England's first Viking boat burial, which would be one of the most significant Viking finds for the British Isles, " archaeologist Simon Holmes said Tuesday, as some of the ninth-century artifacts went on display at the Yorkshire Museum.

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