boat building in a sentence

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  1. Hopkins retired in 1991 and took up boat building as a hobby.
  2. Subsequent industries have included a boat building yard, and a clam cannery.
  3. Kuwait was the center of boat building in the Persian Gulf region.
  4. Several boatyards specialise in boat sales, boat hire, boat building and repairs.
  5. Knottingley continued as a centre for boat building into the 20th century.
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  7. The early coal mines in Plymouth supported an ancillary industry, boat building.
  8. Rocking the Boat is in the business of educating through boat building.
  9. His boat building business becomes highly successful and thrives in the township.
  10. The construction of boats is a similar activity called boat building.
  11. From the 1820s Mori began building vessels in the European boat building tradition.
  12. Missions flown against German U-boat building yards had similarly disappointing results.
  13. At one time he was managing director of Southeast Boat Building.
  14. Dollies can also be used in boat building, when clenching nails.
  15. Early residents took part in boat building, farming, and shell fishing.
  16. Boat building, he explained, is all about fighting rot and decay.
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