boat builder in a sentence

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  1. Since 2004, Knarrs have been built by a boat builder in Germany.
  2. His father Ken Beashel is a sailor and boat builder in Sydney.
  3. Cruisers claimed to be the foremost lapstrake boat builder in the world.
  4. It is suitable for construction by community groups and amateur boat builders.
  5. We concluded he was the best boat builder in the United States.
  6. It's difficult to find boat builder in a sentence.
  7. Are any classic, wooden boat builders interested in making working copies?
  8. After primary education he held occupations such as carpenter, boat builder and smallholder.
  9. A Swordfish hull was obtained from Fairey Marine via a local boat builder.
  10. It looks at their customs and their skills as boat builders and sailors.
  11. Economic conditions were bad for all boat builders in the late  70's.
  12. Out of 27, 000 inhabitants there were 425 Iranian boat builders.
  13. I cannot afford to back down from my commitment with the boat builders.
  14. A professional boat builder himself, Skoog calls her The Big-Boned Girl.
  15. The boat designers, the boat builders, the whole team was assembled.
  16. Later Throughgood Pate descendants were boat builders at Hobucken, North Carolina.
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