boasting in a sentence

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  1. "He was just boasting, " she said.
  2. "It's the top of my boasting list.
  3. There are a few other dogs boasting impressive credentials from 1996.
  4. How about a letter boasting of your year's events?
  5. When the books are closed, few areas will be boasting.
  6. It's difficult to find boasting in a sentence.
  7. Alexander is boasting baby back ribs and country star Crystal Gayle.
  8. At first, the Giants waved off the Ravens'boasting.
  9. "My favorite quote is :'Win without boasting.
  10. Now North Korea is openly boasting uhet it has nuclear weapons.
  11. Perez isn't the only politician who could be boasting.
  12. It also provides an opportunity for U . S . boasting.
  13. Some of the state boasting has been a matter of opinion.
  14. No Texas history museum would be complete without a little boasting.
  15. The album's lyrics centered on comedic material and boasting.
  16. The largest hall is Exhibit Hall D, boasting of space.
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