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  1. Sicotte-Levesque has since remained on jhr's advisory board and board of trustees.
  2. Brancel served on the town board and board of education.
  3. "That's a basic difference between this board and Boards 7 and 9, " he said.
  4. Corodemus served as attorney for the Atlantic Highlands Rent Control Board and Board of Adjustment.
  5. The company is in the process of restructuring its solid board and board packaging units.
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  7. The VNO-NCW has got a General Board and Board.
  8. Defendants in the case are Davis, the Ouachita Parish School Board and board president Lanny Johnson.
  9. He served on the national executive board and board of governors of the American Jewish Committee.
  10. In 1969 he became a member of the Faculty Board and Board of Directors of Medicine.
  11. Over the years, he represented many planning boards, zoning boards and boards of education in Bergen County.
  12. Brody was a member of the Executive Board and Board of the Women's Division of United Jewish Federation.
  13. It reports to the board of directors and serves as ex officio non-voting members of the board and board committees.
  14. He is also a lecturer at the University of Vienna and serves on numerous supervisory boards and boards of trustees.
  15. In parallel he has research on polymer waveguide links and sub-systems for on-board and board to board, including backplane, applications.
  16. The Federation is structured in five main pillars, which are General Assembly, Executive Board, Audit Board, Disciplinary Board and Board of Representatives.
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