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  1. Any use of a cable on board a vessel was also hazardous to the crew.
  2. The moment the harbour pilot boards a vessel, rapport is established between him and the captain.
  3. In traditiional naval terminology, " refit " denotes a refurbishment of worn machinery on board a vessel.
  4. It also requires that when women are employed on board a vessel that they have separate sanitary facilities.
  5. In the Spring, he embarked for Quebec on board a vessel named the " General Conway ".
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  7. No standard issue uniforms for anyone on board a vessel were issued prior to 1748 in the British royal Navy.
  8. For example, net sensors take various underwater measurements and transmit the information back to a receiver on board a vessel.
  9. In November 1871, 69 people on board a vessel from the Paiwan aborigines and many were killed in the process.
  10. The traditional situs test also would have sustained a finding of jurisdiction because the fire started on board a vessel on the waterways.
  11. Last week, council officials seized some 792 pounds ( 360 kilos ) of cocaine on board a vessel enroute to Puerto Rico.
  12. This was historically used to mark the passage of time on board a vessel, including the duration of four-hour watches.
  13. "If it was Canada's intention to board a vessel last night, a vessel would have been boarded,"
  14. This system, called Automated Information System, or AIS, uses transponders on board a vessel to communicate with other vessels on the channel.
  15. Irene watched Michael put on board a vessel to Oinaion and captivity before she was put aboard a Frankish vessel and sent back to Constantinople.
  16. In the middle of December 1818 they shipped on board a vessel bound for Marseilles, which they reached after a passage of 76 days.
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