board a train in a sentence

"board a train" in Chinese  
  1. Afterwards, Tommy boards a train to go back to school.
  2. Police arrested eight rebels as they were about to board a train.
  3. Afterwards, Alyx and Gordon board a train to escape the Citadel.
  4. After Nagaraj and Sampath board a train bound for black money ).
  5. After the couple meet, they and the child board a train.
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  7. Susan is miffed and boards a train to Boston to confront him.
  8. She and Gates board a train for Los Angeles, followed by Raven.
  9. Gardner boards a train but loses one of his scanners in the process.
  10. She then boards a train to an unknown destination.
  11. Meanwhile, Mary boards a train out of Vienna.
  12. Unsure where to go, Ramesh boards a train.
  13. The group escapes the compound and boards a train out of the complex.
  14. They board a train at the station that Rottweiler is a passenger on.
  15. Qin was stopped Tuesday night as he tried to board a train for Beijing.
  16. They board a train back to Rhode Island.
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